Tiny Wanderlust Tag Necklace


the Tiny WanderLust Tag collection is an inspired collection of everyday jewelry; each tag holds a special meaning.  

as with all of Bela Begonias jewelry, the Tiny Wanderlust Tags are constructed with quality materials to ensure they will last through surf + sand, a summer in Europe, or anything else life throws your way (including day to day activities like showering, sleep and working out!)  they are the perfect length for layering so you never have to take your Tiny WanderLust Tag off!  

which tag do you connect with?!  select your stamp below and wear it always! <3  (listed in order of the first photo!)

1) 'climb mountain tops' >> 'climb mountain tops' represents believing in, climbing toward and reaching for your goals.  this necklace was one of the first things I ever created and it's a very meaningful piece in the Bela Begonias collection!

2) 'believe your dream' >> simply stated... believe your dream!  every single day you read or hear a story about someone who had an dream and turned it into their own reality... for all the dreamers out there... why not you?!  

3) 'ride the wave' >> this one is for all of you free spirited babes who know how to roll with the punches... let the good times roll 

4) 'moon child' >> moon child... "she was the type to fall in love with the moon, and everything that was beautifully unreachable"

5) 'follow your arrow' >> each of us is created as an individual. 'follow your arrow' represents being proud of who you are and the unique qualities that separate you from the rest.  don't be like the rest of them, darling! "just follow your arrow where ever it points!"

available in 14k gold fill, sterling silver + pure 14k gold

on a 17" chain (unless otherwise noted in your order)

tiny Wanderlust tags make the perfect thoughtful gift; each necklace is packaged in a logo box + includes a card describing the stamp meaning

handstamped and handmade by Bela Begonias in TN

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